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Jan Smith La Bard, MBA

Consultant - Trainer - Speaker

Finance Leadership Marketing Training Dialogue Women Education

Development Dynamics
Personal. Professional. Performance.

SUN Principle

  • S = Seek and Find Your Strengths
  • U = Utilize your Knowledge, Talents and Skills
  • N = Never Stop Learning

"No one can make you feel inferior without your permission."
 ~Eleanor Roosevelt


Transcending lives through development of dynamic ideas and methods.


Provide individuals with personal and professional confidence through profound performance by utilizing the SUN Principle .

Core Values

1. Change Agent
2. Relationship Building
3. Respect for Diversity
4. Act with Integrity
5. Choices that Make Dreams a Reality
6. Champion Innovative Ideas and Methods


Jan Smith La Bard provides leadership training to businesses and individuals. As a Master Level III Trainer, Train-the-Trainer workshops are offered.

Jan speaks to groups on a variety of management strategies and draws from personal experience when presenting on how to overcome adversity personally and professionally.

Dynamic Development Strategies

  • Start with yourself. You are who you choose to be.
    Be honest. Be forthright. At all costs -- be ethical.
  • Embrace change. Keep a healthy perspective. Weigh the opportunity costs in your life.
  • Everyone has a turning point. Recognizing our personal and professional goals, and understanding what is most important to us is crucial.
  • We all have fires in our lives. Turn them into strengths and knowledge. Learn from these experiences.
  • Dreams do not die. They may sit on the shelf for a while, but they are always there.

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